PADI ReActivate

“Haven’t dived for a while?” It’s now easier to ReFresh your skills! Designed to ReConnect you with the underwater world”


The PADI Scuba Review is designed to reacquaint you with diving, and fine-tune your scuba knowledge and skills after a period of inactivity, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable during your dives Update your dive knowledge and skills and ensure you get the most out of your next dive with the PADI Scuba Review

What you Learn:

Going over a brief quiz in order to refresh your diving knowledge and encourage you to think about the scuba safety procedures and information you learnt during your initial training. Then going through a step by step reminder and demonstration of equipment set-up, dissembly and care, and review the pre-dive safety check. We’ll descend to a shallow to practice and complete the full 20 underwater basic skills taught during entry-level diver training.

What you Take:

  • PADI Material (Scuba Tune-up booklet)
  • Full equipment rental
  • Confined water session
  • 1 Open Water dive


  • Certifed at least as a PADI (Junior) Scuba Diver
  • Please read through the medical questionnaire carefully. If you have to answer any of the medical conditions with a “yes”, then you need to seek approval by a doctor prior to any in-water activities.

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