Dry Suit

Warm up your body and keep your mind cool."


If you really enjoy diving but you don't like the cold or you have quick cold than the padi dry suit specialty is made for you! This course allows you to dive in slightly colder waters. A dry suit seals you off from the water and keeps you comfortable, even in surprisingly cold water. Becoming a dry suit diver allows you to expand your boundaries and dive more places, more often.

What you Learn:

Although diving in a dry suit is a little different from diving in a wetsuit, it isn’t difficult. You’ll just need to learn what kind of dry suit is best for the diving you do and how buoyancy control techniques differ slightly from those you use while scuba diving in a wetsuit.

  • Get introduced to the different types of suits so you can make a very informed decision if considering purchasing a dry suit
  • Dry suit orientation
  • Dry suit buoyancy control skills
  • Dry suit maintenance, storage and basic repair

What you Take:

  • PADI Dry Suit Diver Manual
  • PADI Dry Suit certification
  • Full Scuba equipment rental (You should bring your own dry suit)


  • To become a PADI Dry Suit Diver you need to be 10 years of age or older.*
  • To enrol in the PADI Dry Suit Specialty course you need to have at least PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification or equivalent of another training organisation.
  • Please read through the medical questionnaire carefully. If you have to answer any of the medical conditions with a “yes”, then you need to seek approval by a doctor prior to any in-water activities.

**  Should be above 14 in Turkey.

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