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If your answer is yes then book your holiday at Kaş and dive into your dreams! I offer you extra special service because I know that when you’re on holiday, the less you have to think, the more you enjoy. Discover Scuba Diving, great Dive Trips and all PADI Courses from the popular PADI Open Water Course all the way up to becoming a PADI Pro is possible together with fun and safety. The aim is to create unforgettable memories during your holiday. If you are looking to dive in Kaş with a friendly and passionate instructor and the highest standards you found the right place. I’ll be happy to help you planning the best diving holiday in Turkey.


Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is just for you. It will take your 1 day which will be unforgettable


It's not only diving, it's the experience of a lifetime! With a lot of patience and passion you get taught all you need to know to stay safe and enjoy being underwater.


Get the best deals with special diving packages! Are you looking for more than just a dive trip? 6, 10 and 20 dives packages are available with Nitrox or Air cylinders. We can plan your holiday accordingly to your schedule.


Build confidence and expand your scuba skills by continuing your diving education with the PADI Advanced Open Water Course, PADI Rescue Diver or any PADI Speciality.

Why Dive With Leni?

  • Safety First
  • Highest Standards
  • Flexibility with Bookings
  • Personalised Packages
  • One on One Trainings
  • Small Groups
  • Private Dives
  • Diving is Fun
  • Your Personal Instructor

I prefer small groups or individual tuition if you prefer. Learning tailored to your own pace, flexible diving times to fit around your holiday plans or family’s needs, and above all, a great time...

  • Your Personal Diving Guide

Don’t worry if you desire to learn scuba diving but you are nervous about how to do it, or you are not sure if you can equalise your ears, or you are concerned about water, or you scare of deep water, etc. I’m not only your personal instructor, but also your personal guide to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes...

  • Luxurious Comfort

Travel in style onboard with our diving boat which has been specifically designed for diving with the relaxing sun deck and friendly, experienced crew. It’s not serving only high standart diving conditions, but also offers comfortable and peauciful environement for non-divers.

  • Office, Classroom & Chillout Zone

What are you doing after returning back to harbour? Would you prefer to join us for filling your logbooks, sharing the memories of the day or continue to your theoretical parts of your PADI course at one of the best spots in town? You can have your drinks and snacks, relax by the beautiful sunset and enjoy the amazing mediterranean view at our place just next to harbour.

Why Dive In Kaş?

Are you wondering why dive in Kaş? First of all, Kaş has remained one of the unspoiled corners of Mediterranean. It offers beautiful beaches, stunning landscape, great variety of surroundings, historical heritages from antique ages such as Lycian and Roman period, amazing underwater environment and has just the right mix of being developed enough to enjoy a comfortable stay but still experience the cittaslow atmosphere. There are no huge supermarkets or restaurant or hotel chains but a lot of boutique hotels, local restaurants and cafe houses.

In addition to its historical values, the topography of Kaş and the texture beneath the surface make it ideal for the establishment of rich fauna and therefore an amazing dive site at east Mediterranean. Rocky cliffs drop straight into the sea and continue steeply underwater to great depths. Karstic limestone creates amazing caves, tunnels, canyons and hallows.

With all biological and topological diversty, water temperature never fallling below 17°C with highs about 30°C allowing comfort diving conditions almost all the year around. Besides, Kaş is one of the best dive destinations in the Mediterranean with its visibility reaches 30-35 metres.


The PADI Difference

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the worlds largest scuba training organisation. You’ll gain the most respected scuba diving credentials upon getting your certification from PADI. No matter where you choose to dive your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact not only when you dive in Kaş, but any other place in the world you will be surrounded by other PADI divers.

  • Worldwide Recognised Certification

PADI is the most renowned scuba diving organisation all over the world. No matter where you go in the world, your PADI certification will be recognised and accepted.

  • Performance Based Learning

To earn your PADI certification, you progress at your own pace and only move on with the course once you demonstrated mastery of all skills required. PADI courses are built to allow you to do so in an encouraging, fun and well supported learning environment.

  • Highest Educational Standards

All PADI programs are monitored closely for worldwide consistency and quality. No other diver training organisation maintains the same level of proactive approach to quality management. This ensures all courses meet PADI’s high standards as well as the divers’ expectations.

  • Top Notch Learning Materials

PADI materials are designed using state of the art technology and pedagogic theories to provide a comprehensive and fun learning experience. Complete the self study part in the way that works best for you, choosing your materials from a variety of options such as online programs, tablet based applications, manuals and workbooks.

Kaş, A Scuba Divers Paradise!

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